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® Turbo Shower Head

® Turbo Shower Head

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The Ultimate Shower Experience!

Powerful Water Pressure

Our patented spinning propeller design allows for water pressure to spray 5x more powerful than any standard shower head, in a unique vortex-shaped pattern

Eco Friendly & Saves Water 

During a 7 minute shower, the average person uses 20 gallons of water! 60% of the water used during a shower is wasted, but the ® Turbo Shower Head reduces water-waste by 40% while still increasing your water pressure

Clean Filtered Water

The ® Turbo Shower Head contains a filter that removes 97% of all harmful sulfates and chlorine! Keep your hair & skin safe by filtering out harmful toxins from your shower water!



Improve Your Skins Health

Improve dry skin, reduce oil secretion, increase cell viability, make skin smoother and prevent hair loss. Our physical filtration system eliminates up to 97% of harmful chlorine and its vapors.

Quick & Easy Installation

Easily connects to any shower head arm, with no tools or extra accessories required. Simply twist off your old shower head, and install your new ® Shower Head

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